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5 Ways to Practice Self-Care During Quarantine

Who else has been trying some quarantine self care? Get some ideas for what you can do this weekend!

1. Use Those Beauty Products You’ve Been Saving

  • Start that skin, hair, nail or whatever it may be, routine that you’ve always said you wanted to try but always said you didn’t have time for

  • Don’t pressure yourself to commit and then quit the one time you forget, just consider it a treat to yourself and not a scheduled activity

For myself I'm currently loving Sally Hansen Hard as Nails, Sumay Face Exfoliator, and Dr. Teal's Pure Shea Butter & Almond Oil Epsom Salt.

2. Fill your love tank

  • Call, FaceTime, or Zoom call the people that love you and always fill your love tank. Schedule theme nights where everyone matches in jean attire or mismatched in crazy patterns.

  • Send them a funny or customized graphic.

3. Send some love

If what makes you happy is to give to others then send some happy mail to the people in your life you deserve it. A card or a letter will make your auntie’s week! Even better, host a virtual party and send out decorations to your guests to each have for your call so you can all get in the spirit.

  • Not your thing? Watch the classic Romcom “You’ve Got Mail”

4. Consume things that bring you joy

  • By consume I don’t necessarily mean the food that you love, more like the entertainment and practices that we partake in daily.

  • If Youtube cooking videos make you happy, watch that! If hearing comedy podcasts make you happy, listen to that!

  • Does exercising relax you? Move your body! Superhero Fitness TV is by FAR my favorite workout channel.

  • Do you love podcasts? Try a new one! Lately I've been into Oprah's Super Soul Conversations.

It’s easy to get caught up in the to-dos and consume more scary news when you’re home, just don’t forget to also consume that things that make you feel better.

5. Take breaks!

  • If you’re working from home don’t expect to sit in your work desk from 9-5 while there’s a pandemic happening.

  • Work in bursts of energy and schedule break reminders throughout the day.

  • Walk around your house, make some tea, scroll on instagram and reply to texts from your mom.

  • Don’t forget to rest

Until next time,

T. Love

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