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Self Checking

When's the last time you did a self-check as part self-care? You know taking a step back to evaluate your mental, physical, and emotional well being? Your capacities and workload?

With everything happening in our world, life can feel really heavy. Over the last few weeks, client inquiries and personal projects have increased my workload...something I'm thankful for! The need for my creativity brings me joy but also prompts me to perform a self-check to bring balance to all things Tanise and From Love & Co.

Creating a custom wedding crest, labels for a fellow business owner and baby shower signage are equally important as my me time! These are really fun projects btw!

Self-care can sound and feel more like a trend than a reality, but taking the time to support my well being is already paying off! I wanted to share a few quick things I'm doing for self-checking and self-care.

Brain dumping by getting a piece a paper (or starting a fresh word doc) and putting everything in my brain on paper. This includes tasks, future ideas, anything. Sitting still and allowing for this kind of release does something to the soul! Here are some questions that helped prompt by release:

  • Anything you haven’t had the time to do?

  • Projects you’ve started but not completed?

  • Projects that you need to begin?

  • Any outstanding commitments?

  • Do you owe communications to anyone?

  • Any writing to need to complete (reports, proposals, plans)?

To Do list organization by categorizing EVERYTHING in Trello. It's a free task management tool gets me all the way together! Check it out here.

Reading new books and reviewing notes from old ones. I love a good motivational read! I'm a highlighting, note taking book worm when I wanna be. Those index cards and bullet points from past reads make it super easy to refresh my mind with things that resonated with me. Pictured above you see me wrapping up Oprah's book "The Path Made Clear", which I suggest everyone go get!

Bath time break because we all need a good soak! Two weeks ago I promised that every Friday I would take time to run a bath, light and candle and just be. Two Friday's later and I'm still keeping that promise! It's becoming a really nice moment to check in with my self.

How do you check in with yourself? Do you practice creativity as part of your self care routine? I'd love to hear from you!


T. Love

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